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Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Regina & Saskatoon. Container Buy/Sell Track Shipment Open Account

Shipping Container Rentals Cantrans Containers offers short- and long-term shipping container rentals to augment available on-site storage at your location. WHY RENT With our flexible storage container rentals, you can access the storage you need, without the cost of permanent construction and installation. Just rent the shipping container you need, and we’ll deliver it to your location for immediate use. Cantrans Advantages:

  • Flexible rental terms with no pre-determined terms or contracts
  • Ground level, secure access
  • Same day or next day delivery or pick-up available
  • Economical
  • Relocation available

Immediate Storage Solution Applications Renting a Storage Container is an immediate, flexble, quick and Cost effective storage solution for everyone. Some of its Application for different businesses are

  • Construction job site tool and equipment storage
  • Commercial excess inventory, supplies, office records, special event storage
  • Retailers for storage of promotional or seasonal goods
  • Automotive parts and tire storage
  • TV and film as set or storage
  • Outdoor signage for events
  • Mobile offices for temporary work station across any industry
  • Emergency disaster preparedness storage
  • Hospitality equipment, furniture, machinery, tools, special event storage
  • Institutions, school and church storage
  • Landscaping equipment, supplies, and tool storage
  • Mining & oil rig equipment storage
  • Residential household items during renovation staging and moving storage
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