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Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Regina & Saskatoon. Container Buy/Sell Track Shipment Open Account

Buy your Containers with CANTRANS Global INC.

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At Cantrans Global Inc. you can buy any type of container, ranging from standard shipping container to tank containers and reefer containers.

These can be supplied in various lengths and heights in order to come up with the most suitable solution for your situation. This variation we can offer both in new containers, as well as in used containers.

Most important type of containers:

20ft                                          container
40ft                                          container
40ft                                          High           cube         container
10ft                                                                              container
20ft High cube container

Delivery of your container

Mostly containers are available from stock, and are always delivered with an excellent service.

When required we are able to deliver your container on location at a competitive rate.

We are able to modify a container to your desire. For example, how would you feel about a container in your corporate colors and with your company logo? In case you require larger quantities, we have the possibility to produce in series.

Choosing the right type of container is important. Its an investment and with the increase in Global demand ,it can be sold out easily if a right unit is purchased.

Feel free to contact us for assistance in choosing the best suitable container for your needs.

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