Storage& Shipping Containers (Sea Cans) for Sale

New and used 10ft, 20, 40, 40 HC (9.6 ), 45, 48, 53 Shipping and Storage containers (sea cans) for Sale and Rent.

All containers are Water tight and rodent proof and in excellent condition.

Now new 20, 40 hc 7 40 hc double doors and 20s easy opening doors in stock.

All credit Cards accepted..

All containers are inspected carefully for good working doors , excellent floor and water tight.

In-house Financing Available..

Cheap and quick delivery Available across Manitoba.

Best prices in the city, with a large inventory to choose from …

Short Term/ Long Term Rentals, lease , rent to own opinions avaliable

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  1. joe

    i like to nw the price for new old 20 ft 40 ft and to delyvery in thunder bay on.j.s.

  2. joe

    luck this contieners is wery good shep

  3. Sandra

    Interested in cost of 40ft, with delivery 40 min. nw of Brandon and the financing.

  4. Ivan

    What would the price of a 20 foot container be delivered to lot north of Selkirk Mb. about 15 Kms north of Selkirk?

  5. Andrew Dueck

    Hello I would like to get a delivered price for a 20 ft sea can! Do you have any insulated sea cans? And what would the difference be for a can with doors on both ends? Also what is the over all internal dimensions?

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