onlineIn modern era the life has become too fast and we sometimes miss the opportunity to tell our love one how much they mean for us.

At Cantran Global, we offer to never miss this opportunity; we will be having online gift shop which includes a large variety of Greeting Cards, Gifts, Flower bouquet, Souvenirs. The best thing that you can purchase and send them as early as same day and can book in advance up to One year which means when you remember any event, just book the gift and card with our line shop and mention your date and time of delivery, we will do the rest for you and your gift will be delivered on the same date and time.

So for any special occasion, book the gift with us for your love one , even One year in advance and we will do the magic to deliver on that day at the given time…

It’s again an innovative service which will be unique in the industry and will attract customers. The same service will also be available for our special service partners. The service will be available for global shipping.